This past weekend I picked up the FUJINON XF 35mm F1.4 R and headed over to Toronto Island with it on my X-E2. The lens is a pure pleasure to shoot with, providing a 135 equivalent focal length of 53mm. It’s fast, tack sharp, and has impressive bokeh. The weather didn’t really cooperate, but here are some quick snaps with the new lens:

Toronto subway ()

Toronto subway (ISO 1600, 1/200, f/2.8) autofocused in the distance

Centerville ()

Centerville (ISO 800, 1/450, f/4.5) – small white level adjustment in post

House on Ward's Island ()

House on Ward’s Island (ISO 400, 1/110, f/5.6) – small white level adjustment in post

While I like the versatility of Fuji’s 18-55mm, I really enjoyed going back to basics with a normal prime lens. I still have both in my travel bag, but for walkabouts the 18-55mm is most likely staying in the house, car, or hotel.

I’ve updated my recommended cameras page accordingly.

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