Canon PowerShot G1 X Announced

As a G11 owner, I was quite interested to read The G1 X announcement.  In summary, the G1 X features a 14.3-megapixel, 1.5-inch (18.7 x 14mm) sensor. That’s bigger than a Micro Four Thirds sensor and nearly as large as the APS-C sensors inside most DSLRs. It’s also 6.3 times larger than the sensor inside the PowerShot G12.

It also features an ISO range up to 12,800, aperture range from f/2.8 to f/16, and a 4x optical zoom from 28-112mm. It’s powered by Canon’s new DIGIC 5 processor, which Canon says is its fastest yet. The G1 X has RAW support, a super sharp, 922,000-dot 3-inch LCD, and 1080p video recording at 24 frames per second.

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