Kodak PlaySport Vids

I’ve been raving about the Kodak PlaySport to friends and figured I should post a few sample videos.  Kodak was kind enough to lend me a PlaySport to review last summer, and my lovely wife gave me one for Christmas, so the fun will continue!

These are somewhat extreme samples — it’s difficult to shoot steady video while being pounded by ocean waves.  But it’s the fact that I could shoot this video at all that has me in love with the PlaySport.  Yes, there’s no optical zoom.  Yes, water and wind affect sound quality. (I don’t know how you’d avoid that in a pocket-size vidcam.)  But with this camera I can shoot HD video in locations and under conditions that would destroy most video cameras in seconds.  As a parent (and camera geek), that’s really cool.

720p video is on my YouTube channel.

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