Canon G9

Rebecca wrote,

“I’m looking for a good point and shoot camera. ¬†What do you think of the new Canon G9?”

The G9 specs look impressive, and Canon has added back a few of the features that I thought were missing when I reviewed the G7 for Monitor Magazine. I’ve been trying to review the G9 for a few months, but unfortunately Canon’s Canadian PR rep hasn’t been able to send me a loaner yet, so the best I can say is that it looks promising.

2 thoughts on “Canon G9

  1. The G9 is at the top of Steve’s Prosumer list:
    dpreview says “Highly Recommended (but only just)” [7.5/10]
    Digital Camera Review seems happy as well: “The G9 has a few warts, but at this point in time and when compared to the other cameras in its class – the G9 is as good as it gets.”

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